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The “Horizon éducatif pour les orphelins du Bénin” association was founded at the beginning of 2024 to support a project to train educational supervisory staff. We hope to have this project up and running by 2025.

Our initiative is rooted in a profound experience gained during our stay in Benin, where we shared the daily life of an orphanage currently home to 62 children. Guided by our observations, exchanges with the director and staff, and our pedagogical experience, we developed a training project aimed at untrained staff working or aspiring to work with orphaned children. As a pedagogical trainer and current pre-school director with significant experience in managing after-school structures, I am delighted to present this initiative aimed at filling a significant gap in institutions dedicated to children’s well-being.

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Teaching the basics

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Practical training

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Empowering people

Project objectives

Our main objective is to bridge the educational skills gap within orphanages by providing comprehensive training to untrained staff. We believe that the education and training of staff is essential to improving the living conditions of children. Throughout this project, we focus on developing pedagogical skills, understanding the children’s specific needs, and creating an environment conducive to their emotional, social and educational growth.

Context in Benin

In Benin, training options for staff working with children fall into two categories: university and short courses. However, these courses are often fee-based, excluding many candidates. Our project aims to offer free 6-month vocational training, making education accessible to more people.


Observations and findings

Our observations at the orphanage highlighted crucial aspects relating to the children’s well-being, education and overall development. Infrastructure, untrained staff, limited educational activities and the need for emotional support are all areas that require particular attention.

Training features

The free 6-month course focuses on the practical skills needed to work effectively in an orphanage environment. Courses cover topics such as communication, stress management, basic care and child development. Practical internships in partner orphanages provide hands-on experience, easing the transition to the world of work.

Skills Development

The skills development plan aims to equip untrained staff with basic skills, combining theory with rewarding practical experience. Operational skills, grouped into professional, methodological, social and personal categories, prepare students to deal with everyday work situations.

Social networking

Staying in touch

How can I support the project?

You can contribute to the success of the Benin Project by supporting us financially, by sharing our initiative, or by becoming a partner. Every gesture counts in creating a lasting positive impact for orphaned children in Benin.

Join us in this noble mission to train staff to ensure a better future for vulnerable children in Benin. Thank you for your commitment to the well-being of children.

Together, let’s build a better future!

Our partners

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Financing status : Step I

Potential employees soon to be trained